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Sharding of the Shard Labs: SpaceShard

Shard Labs Feb 14

For all of you who are following Shard Labs from the very beginning, there is no surprise why we address ourselves as a new generation of blockchain architects. We like to take things to another level and approach blockchain development from a different angle.

In 2019 when we founded Shard Labs, the main question we wanted to find the answer to was how to scale a blockchain company in a truly decentralized manner

Edi Sinovčić, the founder of Shard Labs, approached this with something we later started to call ‘human sharding’.  He talked about this specifically at Blocksplit 3 in 2022, and around that time we decided to start with our first ZK shard – SpaceShard.

Introducing SpaceShard 

Moving forward, Edi Sinovčić will step into his new role as CEO and founder of SpaceShard.  His new ‘space’  for scaling will be a Zero-Knowledge space 🫡

Due to the amazing potential of  ZK technology, Shard Labs decided to dedicate a whole shard to the exploration of the ZK space. We are planning to boldly go and explore new blockchain galaxies’and use cases, and to expand the horizon on what not only ZK and blockchains can do, but also their impact on humanity in general. We have a goal through our partnership with StarkWare, to build mass adoption applications that abstract complexity not only of Zero-Knowledge technology but also blockchains, and to help improve UX through the advantages that STARK technology brings.

Edi Sinovčić, CEO of SpaceShard

In case  you missed Edi and the rest of the SpaceShard at StarkWare Sessions 2023 in Tel Aviv Feb 5-6, feel free to vistit  spaceshard.io

On SpaceShard’s website, you can discover more about Zero Knowledge, zkProofs, and StarkNet. You can also follow them on Twitter at @0xSpaceShard  or their Medium channel.

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