We are specialists in building digital products that require blockchain implementation.

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We are constantly growing and always looking for like-minded people like-minded people who are a great fit for our team.

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Our hiring process

There are 4 steps in our recruiting process.


HR Call

The first step is getting to know you, your background and needs, and vice versa in an introductory chit-chat interview. This is to ensure you’ll find what you desire with us.


Technical Assessment Test

You will get a technical assessment test which will show us your technical abilities.


Technical Team Call

In this part you’ll be able to brag with bits of your knowledge and meet your future teammates!


Interview with Top Management

Final interview with someone from our Top Management Team, so that both sides can get to know each other better.

We are specialists in building digital products that require blockchain implementation, and are committed to supporting businesses in their transition to a new era of the internet - the Web3 era.



Shard Labs is an independent R&D blockchain development company that specializes in full-cycle tech development services, covering every aspect of software engineering—from research and planning, strategy and marketing, to execution and implementation.

Our Products



IBetYou is an all-in-one betting platform built on blockchain.

Lido on Polygon

Polygon ecosystem

Lido on Polygon is a liquid staking solution for MATIC staking providers.

Kerberus Prime


Kerberus Prime is a non-custodial StaaS platform.

Remote life in Shard Labs

When you're working remotely with us at Shard Labs, you're gonna be in for a pretty sweet ride 😎 We're all about being productive while also making sure you have a good work-life balance. Here’s what you can expect:

Chill work vibes

For us, working remotely means you can set up your work area however you want, creating the perfect space for you to kill it and get your work done.

Location independence

You've got the freedom to work from wherever you want, or even when you're on the go. There are no barriers stopping you, as long as you communicate with the team and get the job done the right way.

Increased autonomy

Remote work gives you the freedom to manage your time, and handle your tasks, making you feel more productive.

Better work-life balance

We know the importance of getting stuff done while also finding the time to relax and enjoy life. That's why we offer a remote work setup that prioritizes your work-life balance.

Vacation days

In our remote work setup, we don't really follow all those traditional holidays. But we do give our employees a lot of vacation days so they can take some sweet time off whenever they want.

Offsite team buildings

As a remote company, we're all about team building and collaboration, which is why we organize offsite team building events twice a year to bring our remote team together in person.

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We believe the best companies bring together diversity in race, age, physical and mental ability, sexuality, gender identity, ethnicity, perspectives and ideas.

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We welcome you to submit an Open Job Position for a full-time or part-time remote position. By doing so, we'll have your information on file and can contact you when an appropriate opportunity arises that matches your qualifications. Reach out to us anyway!

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