We are specialists in building digital products that require blockchain implementation.

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We are constantly growing and always looking for like-minded people who are a great fit for our team!

Our hiring process

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Maybe you've found our job post or one of our talent masters found you ? Lay back, we read every CV and we will contact you with the response in any case.



The first base is, of course, getting to know you, your background and needs, and vice versa in an introductory chit-chat interview. This is to ensure you’ll find what you desire with us.


Technical part(s)

You do ride a bike before you buy it, so we like to get a glimpse of your capabilities in advance as well. In this part you’ll be able to brag with bits of your knowledge and meet your future teammates!


Job offer

Congratulations! We’re both happy, excited and raring to go, we’ll make a compelling offer to bring you onboard.

Meet the one who will lead your interview process

Lovro Šikić

Lovro Šikić

Operations Manager

Why they chose to stay

Idir Nassim

Lead Blockchain Developer

Shard Labs is a very challenging and rewarding place to work. It's a truly amazing feeling working on "bleeding edge" technology and seeing the results of your hard work.

Ioan Alexandru Oara

Software Developer

Working in blockchain & Web3 can be intense, but what makes all the difference is the team of people I work with! Open and clear communication makes things so much easier, and it really gives me the boost I need.

Diego Young

Product Owner

I love that working at Shard Labs means a lot of collaborations and international teamwork! The challenge of creating new things and acquiring global growth comes with so much fun and dynamic energy.

The values we live by

We take pride in creating and nurturing an inclusive and exceptional environment where everyone is welcomed and accepted as they are. We believe that diverse teams essentially contribute to the Shard Labs growth.

Ownership & self driven mentality

We take responsibility and hold ourselves accountable as we are all invested in the company’s growth. We take 100% responsibility for achieving the mission.

Growth mindset

We grow by accepting challenges that stretch us outside of our comfort zone.

Inclusion and diversity

We are guided by respect, transparency, collaboration, and direct feedback. Commit to creating a safe working environment for people from different backgrounds, with different identities and experiences.

Trust is our guiding light

We won't constantly be behind your back, so it is good to possess self-driven skills to make it easier for you to organise your work. We will be your inspiration, but we are open to hearing your voice too. We highly value good suggestions, fresh ideas, and new perspectives.

The knowledge and experience that you bring are essential for the starting point, but even more crucial to us is your hunger for learning, good organisational skills, and initiative in your daily work. No matter how much you already know, there's always something you can learn or teach.

Explore new fields right under our roof.

We offer opportunities for personal growth, tons of autonomy and responsibility, and results-driven environment.

A good work-life balance.

Our flexible work culture encourages you to have greater control regarding where, when, and how you work.

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