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We raised our cap to $10M for Lido on Polygon!

Shard Labs Mar 15

Yes, you read this well.

We wanted to give a liquid staking opportunity to as many Polygon network users as possible.

So we decided to raise a cap from $1M to $10M. This will give more staking opportunity — if you’re fast enough 🙂

🥩 Stake your $MATIC tokens!

Use this opportunity and ? stake your $MATIC at polygon.lido.fi !

Once the limit has been removed in mid-April, incentivised Lido on Polygon Phase 2 will start.

For more details about Lido on Polygon, please visit here.

Enjoy and grab the benefits that the collaboration of Polygon, Lido Finance & Shard Labs brings!

The best way to be up to date with all the updates is our Twitter account, or you can join this Discord channel!

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