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Shard Labs Foundation Grants Streams

To apply for a grant please review the grant options below and apply! Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.


Open Source & Public Goods

For devs of open source components, whether standalone or part of a project.




For entrepreneurs looking to bootstrap a Dapp with Shard Labs' support.



Education Initiatives

For educators to create tutorials, videos, workshops, or write docs for builders.




These are specific initiatives for specific projects we're looking for applicants to build.


Grants Process

Here’s how the Shard Labs Grants Program process works, from application to finish line.

Step 1: Choose a category

If your project fits into one of these 4 categories mentioned above, you’re a candidate for the Shard Labs Grants Program. Feel free to submit a grant application.

Step 2: Submit your grant application

When submitting a grant application, make sure you complete thoroughly the application form and clearly explain the idea behind your project.

Step 3: Evaluation & approval

Shard Labs Grants Committee will review your application. If your proposal meets the program criteria, you will be invited to an interview.

Step 4: Acceptance or denial notification

All applicants will be notified whether their application has been accepted or denied. If your application is accepted, at this point, you will go through the agreement formation process.

Step 5: Onboarding

Once all your paperwork is complete, your team will onboard to Shard labs Grants Program. We’ll set you up with everything and support you every step of the way.

Step 6: Project launching

When your timeline is complete and your project ready to fly, we’ll support your launch and help you all the way.

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