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Onboarding Node Operators

Shard Labs Apr 21

Lido on Polygon is onboarding the first batch of node operators.

The Lido Node Operator Subgovernance Group (LNOSG) decided to nominate 5 applicants for the proposed shortlist. More details about this shortlist are available here.

April 2022 Node Operator onboarding round summery statistics

It has been said that when you welcome a new family member, you want to speak from the heart. Therefore, to all following node operators that have been chosen — a heartwarming welcome from all of us!?

dsrv labs, Co. Ltd.

Girnaar Nodes



Matrix Staking

Soon we will have another batch open, so if you missed the first round of node operator applications — stay tuned!

Requirements for becoming a node operator

All interested Polygon node operators are welcome to join Lido as a Node Operator.

Our friends from Lido pointed out here what requirements one needs to meet to apply.

After application, the process that follows is quite simple: applications will be evaluated by the Lido Node Operator Sub-governance Group (LNOSG) and a proposed shortlist will be sent to the DAO for approval. Once approved, onboarding new operators usually take 1–2 weeks.

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