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Lido on Polygon is ready to enter Phase 2!

Shard Labs Apr 05

If you’re reading this now…

…then you should know that the stake cap has already been lifted, and Lido on Polygon is ready to enter Phase 2.

Wondering what this means for you?

This means (using words of a big ’93 hit song from the band ‘2 Unlimited’) — THERE IS NO LIMIT!

2 Unlimited — No limit

(…we know you can hear the melody in your head now…)

Not to brag, just so you know at this moment 4.4M is already staked. So grab your $MATIC and …well, you know what to do ?

? ??? https://polygon.lido.fi/

? Another gift for you all…

We want to give special thanks to all of you who supported us since day one and follow the news about Lido for Polygon on a regular basis.

And what better way to show that than by launching incentives for the BALANCER pool ??? https://polygon.balancer.fi

Fear not, as there is no significant impermanent loss with wMATIC and stMATIC. These rewards are a ‘thank you’ for the early community members.

What to expect down the road

Multiple dexes, more incentives, great partnerships, and much more. The sky is the limit, really.

From Lido with love. Your Polygon team!

PS. as always don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, or you can join this Discord channel to chat with us!

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