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Launch Plan Updates

Shard Labs Feb 02

Last week Shard Labs announced Launch Plan with a clear goal and targeted timeline. Check it out here. ?

As you know, Shard Labs is bringing Lido to Polygon to enable users to stake MATIC token in a decentralized, secure way and use them on the secondary market with a simple click of a button on the UI. Read more all about it here.

After analyzing the current situation, we decided to postpone the launch and do the full re-audit of our smart contracts.

We want to make sure our protocol is as secure as possible.

We tried to answer some questions you may have, and for any additional ones, feel free to write us on our Twitter account. ?

Why re-audit?

Upon receiving the first feedback on our code, we were delighted to see that most things that require fixing are not significant. So the plan was to address them in the next five days and submit these fixes for review. Then, after getting the green light from the auditing company, we could launch Phase 1, which was previously planned for this week.

During these five days, we discovered additional parts of our codebase that we wanted to improve to ensure protocol stability, even in some cases that are not likely to happen but are still theoretically possible.
That decision prolonged the time required to ensure our codebase is ready for audit submission.

The code was fully submitted today with the latest commit hash on the main branch.

Our goal is to ensure that this protocol will work without interruptions and with as least security risk as possible.

Decentralized protocols live forever on the blockchain, and this one has a major role in decentralizing the Polygon network. Any exploit or vulnerability might induce a risk for user funds and the stability of the Polygon blockchain.

Is the audit report public?

The audit report will be pushed to our Github repository when finalized. So you can expect it there during Phase 1.

Our code is fully open-source, and you can check it out here: https://github.com/Shard-Labs/PoLido

Is the audit enough?

The audit is an excellent way to get more eyes on your code. Experts reviewing our codebase are some of the most experienced professionals in the space.

Even though we hope that the audit will discover all major vulnerabilities, we want to attract more security experts to dig deep. That is why we are going to have a bug bounty program. More details are to come soon.

When is the next launch date?

The new launch date will be announced as soon as we know everything is ready regarding code quality and other prerequisites. But don’t worry, you will not have to wait too much. ?

The best place to follow updates is our Twitter account.

What about the Phase 2?

Phase 2 was planned for March 1st to allow one month in a controlled environment to test the production protocol.

To ensure the same amount of time for security experts and bounty hunters to find possible vulnerabilities, we think moving Phase 2 along with Phase 1 makes sense.

When can we apply for the Lido node operator role?

The applications will open as planned when Phase 1 launch happens. Thank you for being so patient; you will not have to wait for too long.

How to contribute?

There are multiple ways to be part of this project:

  • Become a Lido on Polygon node operator by running a Polygon validator
  • stMATIC token integration in your DeFi application
  • Please take a look at our Github repository, write requests, investigate the code
  • Spread the word ?

If you would like to integrate stMATIC in your protocol or be one of the Lido on Polygon node operators, please reach out to us here: [email protected], and give us your feedback!

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