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It’s Launch Time!

Shard Labs Mar 01

In case you missed what the Shard Labs team has been working on really hard in the last couple of months, here’s a short summary:

Lido, the largest liquid staking protocol on Ethereum, Terra, and Solana, is expanding to Polygon! Shard Labs is bringing Lido to Polygon to enable users to stake MATIC tokens in a decentralized and secure way and use them on the secondary market — all of it with a simple click of a button on the UI.

For a more detailed introduction about Lido on Polygon, please read this article here. The best way to be up to date with all the updates is our Twitter account, or you can join this Discord channel!

Now, back to the moment we’ve been waiting for.

As we pointed out in our previous article, we postponed the initially planned launch date.

Now finally on March 1, 2022 we launched Phase 1 which will last until Apr 11th, 2022. During this period the market cap submission is set and staking is on FCFS basis.

Hurry up MATIC holders & stake your tokens!

If you are a MATIC holder, you should hurry to polygon.lido.fi and stake, because phase one has only $1M deposit CAP! Once the limit has been removed on Apr 11th, incentivised Lido on Polygon Phase 2 will start.

Node Operators applications are open!

We would like to invite all interested Polygon node operators to join Lido as Node Operator. The application form for submissions will be open from Mar 1st (23:00 UTC) — Mar 25, 2022 (23:59 UTC).

All interested parties can apply via form here.

You can find more detailed information about node operators on the Lido research forum here.

Don’t forget that the best place to follow updates is our Twitter account or you can join Discord and chat with us!

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