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Lido on Polygon is ready to enter Phase 2!

If you’re reading this now… …then you should know that the stake cap has already been lifted, and Lido on Polygon is ready to enter Phase 2. Wondering what this means for you? This means (using words of a big ’93 hit song from the band ‘2 Unlimited’) — THERE IS NO LIMIT! 2 Unlimited — No limit (…we know you can hear the […]

05 April 2022

Guess who got green light from the Auditor?

Hey stakers! (no, not the ppl that are hunting vampires. The ppl that ‘do da stake’ of their $MATIC tokens.) Guess who got the green light from the Auditor? That’s right — it is yours truly here! You can check out a super detailed report about it here, but TL;DR is your funds are SAFU! So, in case you were […]

25 March 2022

17.3.2022. Polygon outage postmortem

The following post-mortem is written by the Shard Labs team. It highlights all the information that the community needs to know about the latest events that happened with the Polygon network and Shard Labs validator — the events that have caused an interruption in Lido accruing rewards Mar 10–14, 2022. Before we get into a detailed analysis, here’s […]

17 March 2022

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