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stMATIC: First Balancer MetaStable Pool on Polygon

Shard Labs is excited to announce the creation of a Polygon solution that allows users to enter Lido’s liquid staking without spending significant amounts of capital for transactions on Ethereum mainnet. To make this happen, an integration with Balancer Protocol was an essential milestone. The first phase was executed during the launch of Phase 1 Lido on Polygon. The second […]

03 March 2022

It’s Launch Time!

In case you missed what the Shard Labs team has been working on really hard in the last couple of months, here’s a short summary: Lido, the largest liquid staking protocol on Ethereum, Terra, and Solana, is expanding to Polygon! Shard Labs is bringing Lido to Polygon to enable users to stake MATIC tokens in […]

01 March 2022

Launch Plan Updates

Last week Shard Labs announced Launch Plan with a clear goal and targeted timeline. Check it out here. ? As you know, Shard Labs is bringing Lido to Polygon to enable users to stake MATIC token in a decentralized, secure way and use them on the secondary market with a simple click of a button on […]

02 February 2022

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